Want to keep your hair AND your colour? What to know to keep both

Many of us are seeing signs of hair loss, like more hair in the brush, in the drain and on our clothes. When the lost hairs you find are the precious coloured strands – the hair that has cost so much time and money to get just the look you want - it can be even more stressful.  What’s a coloured-hair girl to do?

You might be wondering what options do you really have to prevent hair loss that don’t mean sacrificing your colour. Do you have to trade keeping your hair colour for keeping your hair? We say No!

Here are a few ways you can work to keep your hair & your colour…

If you are washing less since colouring your hair, use the HairAnchoring Essence daily to keep your roots strong.

You may hear that washing leads to colour fade. The main culprit here is water, which is responsible for up to 80% of colour fade. Your hair swells when it’s wet, and water can take with it some of the beautiful pigments as it runs through your hair.
The HAIR ANCHORING ESSENCES gives you a rinse-free option to use at your roots on no-wash days (and wash-days too). No problem to follow up with your favorite dry shampoo after your daily anchoring.

When you do wash, Condition, Condition, Condition!

Conditioners can help to shield hair from stress that attacks your hair colour. They can also bring out the best of your colour by smoothing each strand  – like polished glass lets more brilliant light shine through. KeepItAnchored's CONDITIONER includes antioxidant minerals to help anchor your hair while also protecting your hair’s colour so you can have the best of both worlds.

Keep your hair protected from the Sun.

Like water, sun contributes to colour fade – it’s also another reason why we lose more hair than necessary. Oxidative stress from UV-rays breaks down hair’s colour AND it weakens the hold your scalp has on hair roots. In fact, research has shown that oxidative stress is the leading cause of daily hair loss. Hats, scarves and umbrellas are a good way to shield your hair colour from the sun so you can keep your colour. KeepItAnchored can help reduce oxidative stress at your roots so you can keep more hair.


Rest assured, KeepItAnchored scientists have colour-treated hair too, so creating products that are safe for colour-treated hair was at the top of our lists!