Get to Know - The Hair Anchoring Essence

The Hair Anchoring Essence is the best place to start to prevent daily hair loss. It’s your scalp’s version of the thing you do each day to de-stress – meditation, yoga, you fill in the blank – so you can do you at your best. The Essence calms a stressed scalp, so your scalp can hold on to the hair you love for longer.

We created the Essence to get straight to hair roots, anchoring them to your scalp with them most concentrated dose of our clinically-proven HairAnchor Blend - a mix of antioxidant salts, mineral zinc, and B-vitamins. It’s a sulphate-free, paraben-free and colour-safe formula.

A few important things to know about the Essence:

  • Leave it on, don’t wash it off.
  • Use it DAILY for best results. This does not mean changing how often you like to wash your hair. We designed it to work on either wet hair or dry hair. Really, you can use it on dry hair – even though it is a serum, it dries quickly.
  • It works best when combined with a quick scalp massage

    How best to use the Essence:

    • Make sure the tube is unlocked. Just give the bottom a simple twist
    • Hold the tube upside down and point the tip to your scalp so it gets to your roots and not caught up in your hair. It helps to try it out in front of a mirror the first few times to get the feel of it.
    • Drop 8-10 droplets across your scalp – enough to cover your scalp - then massage into your scalp and roots. These 3 steps take no more than 1 minute, max.
    • Then, style as you like. You can stop here or use your favorite styling products on top. The Essence should not interfere with you getting the look you want with your hair.

    We’ve heard these helpful tips from people who are regular Essence Users:

    Put the Essence somewhere you will remember to use it daily, like

    • Next to your toothbrush and use it before or after brushing your teeth
    • Add it to your nightly skin care routine and apply it before bed
    • Keep it in your underwear drawer where you know you will be going daily
      If you have long hair, use a comb to create part lines across your scalp so you can easily get the Essence to the scalp. You want to be sure it does not get caught up in your hair as it won’t be as effective this way.
      Turn it upside down – and make sure the very last drop of product is at the tip.
      Essence to scalp

        BONUS TIP - On days when you don’t wash your hair, the Essence can be a 1-minute scalp refresher in addition to anchoring your hair. You use it in exactly the same way, but you may notice that your scalp feels and smells fresher afterwards.