How does the Hair Anchoring Essence work?

Keep It Anchored works to relieve oxidative stress at the scalp surface to strengthen hair's roots and reduce daily hair loss. New research has shown that while genetics, age, and other factors do contribute to hair loss, environmental stress known as oxidative stress is the #1 cause of daily hair loss. Scalp oxidative stress leads to premature hair loss as it weakens scalp’s grip on hair’s roots.

Keep It Anchored was created after finding that HairAnchor technology – a blend of antioxidant salts, zinc antioxidants, and B-Vitamins – worked in a clinical trial to reduce daily hair loss. The Keep It Anchored regimen includes a daily Hair Anchoring Essence for the scalp, Pre-Cleanser, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

We do not grow new hair, we help prevent it being lost in the first place. Keep It Anchored gives you more control over hair loss and a future of fuller, better hair.


Is Keep It Anchor for me?

Keep It Anchored is for anyone who is concerned about hair loss or would like to start reducing daily hair loss. 

Keep it Anchored strengthens the roots of the hair you already have to reduce daily hair loss. It is best used by those who are experiencing the early signs of thinning or hair loss. If you're beginning to see a receding hairline, more hair in your brush or a wider partline, you are a good candidate for hair loss reduction. 

Hair loss reduction works for both men and women because scalp oxidative stress affects both genders equally. What men and women need for their hair tends to be different so, we’ve created unique formulas for men and women.

Keep It Anchored does not grow new hair, so if you are looking to cover bald spots, you will find better solutions by talking with a dermatologist or trichologist.


Does Keep It Anchored help with hair loss due to childbirth or medication? 

Keep It Anchored helps reduce hair loss that's caused by oxidative stress - a type of environmental stress, like UV, pollution, and even moisture that we all face. 

If you losing hair due to hormonal changes with after childbirth or as a side effect of medication you are taking, Keep It Anchored will help you to keep more hair when your hair grows back.

Keep It Anchored does not re-grow hair. If you are looking for options to grow new hair, it is best to consult a dermatologist or trichologist.


How do you use the Hair Anchoring Essence?

The Hair Anchoring Essence is a daily scalp treatment to be used on either wet or dry hair. It’s a simple 3-step process:

1.UNLOCK the treatment tube by twisting the bottom of the capsule until it clicks.

2.APPLY by pressing the base of the capsule while the tip is pointed at your scalp. Apply 3 drops per row as you work from front to back. You want to use enough to massage across the top of your crown.

3.MASSAGE the essence thoroughly across your scalp.

The main thing to do is to LEAVE IT ON after application – do not use just before washing as washing would remove the Hair Anchor blend before it has had a chance to calm oxidative stress at the scalp surface.


Does KeepItAnchored do animal testing? Is KeepItAnchored cruelty-free?

KeepItAnchored is a cruelty-free brand. We do not nor will not test our products on animals.

We do test our products on people through clinical research to ensure it really works!


Do I need to use all 4 products to get the results?

The clinically-proven hair anchoring technology is most concentrated in the Hair Anchoring Essence, so this is the most important product to use. It can be used daily, on either wet or dry hair.

If you want results fast, we recommend using the complete regimen on wash days:  

  • The Pre-Cleanser deep cleans the scalp and pores
  • The Shampoo cleans and replenishes the scalp with the Hair Anchor blend ingredients that address Scalp Oxidative Stress
  • The conditioner has ingredients to improve hair and scalp while smoothing the hair.

If you have color-treated hair or your hair is especially prone to dryness, we recommend the Color Care Kit for Women or the Essentials + Hydration Kit for Men.


What if I don’t wash every day?

No worries! That’s why we created the Hair Anchoring Essence for the scalp for use on wet or dry hair. It dries very quickly to get to your hair roots without messing with your style even if you apply it on 2nd-day or 3rd-day hair.

While scalp oxidative stress happens daily, we know not everyone washes daily. The Hair Anchoring Essence has you covered as a daily solution.  Just apply, leave it on, and go about your normal hair routine.


How will I know it’s working?

During the 1st use, you will feel a cooling/tingling sensation that lets you know you’ve applied it and that it’s starting to work.  

After the 1st use, your scalp will feel stimulated, moisturized, and refreshed.  Hair may feel slightly thicker and look a little fuller. 

After 4 weeks, people noticed significant improvement in hair loss - like less hair falling out in the brush or comb.

After 6-months of using the product in our clinical trial, people continued to notice less hair in their brush and fuller hair on their head.


What are the side effects?

In our testing, some noticed flakes in their hair as the product dried. This can happen if too much product was used or if the product was not massaged through the scalp thoroughly.

While most people noticed improvements in their scalp health, it is possible some may experience scalp irritation. If this happens, stop using the products and consult a dermatologist.


Is KeepItAnchored safe for use on color-treated hair?

Yes! The Basics Kit, Essentials Kit, Color Care Kit, and Essentials + Hydration Kit are all safe for use on color-treated hair.

The HairAnchoring Essence is especially important if you are washing your hair less often since coloring it. With the leave-on Essence, you can have your daily dose of the Hair Anchor Blend regardless of how often you wash as it can be used on either wet or dry hair.


Do I need to change my hair style or styling products when I use KeepItAnchored?

No, you can style as you like after using the KeepItAnchored regimen. 

KeepItAnchored's Shampoo & Conditioner can replace your normal shampoo & conditioner. The HairAnchoring Essence is applied to either wet or dry hair before styling. You can then add any styling products to create the look you want while still preventing hair loss.