Signs it is time to reduce hair loss

Worried about hair loss? So are roughly 2 out of 3 people - both men and women. There are some effective solutions available. Knowing your phase of hair loss will help you get to the right solution for you.

Early-to-mid phases of hair loss

You are in the early or mid-phase of hair loss if you still have hair covering your scalp but are seeing MORE of this…

  • More hair on your pillow case in the morning
  • More hair in your brush or comb
  • More hair in the drain or on the bathroom floor after showering
  • More hair on your fingers when your run your hands through your hair

Or you may have begun to see LESS of this…

  • Less hair at your temples, also known as a receding hairline
  • Less hair in your part line (if you have one)
  • Less hair in your ponytail. The same ponytail holder needs an extra wrap around to keep your pony in place or it just looks like a thinner pony than before.

If you're hair loss is caused by breakage due to heavy colouring and heat-styling, add a really good deep & repairing conditioner to your hair care routine. You'll know this is you if you see broken strands in your brush and flyaways with split-ends remaining on your head. 

If you are seeing more than can be explained by broken hairs, you are likely seeing hair loss coming from a stressed scalp. Oxidative stress is an environmental stress that causes your scalp to let go of your hair too soon. It adds to the hair loss that may be happening because of your genetics or age.

You can take steps to reduce early hair loss by lowering scalp oxidative stress. In fact, KeepItAnchored is clinically-proven to reduce daily hair loss by calming a stressed scalp, strengthening hair at the roots. It works best when you start early - while you still have a head of hair to keep. 

We recommend starting with the Complete Kit for Men or the Complete Kit for Women. It includes a daily leave-on treatment with our most concentrated dose of the clinically-proven Hair Anchor blend plus the in-shower regimen so you can wash your way to hair that looks and feels fuller. 

Later-phase hair loss 

These are signs that it’s a good time to consider other options...

  • You have hair falling out in clumps. Talk to a dermatologist or doctor about this as it could be linked to underlying health or nutritional issues. This may also be reversible if underlying issues get resolved.
  • You would describe yourself as balding. Your doctor can suggest a hair regrowth solution that can work for you (these options can vary by gender), your stylist can suggest a new way to wear your hair, or you can go straight for the big shave!
  • You have enough scalp showing through that you need to cover it with sunscreen. Same as the one above. And don’t forget the sunscreen on your scalp - your skin will thank you.

Bottom line. It's good to have choices!