HairAnchor Blend - What it is and how it prevents daily hair loss

Once we realized the #1 cause of daily hair loss is scalp oxidative stress from the environment around your scalp (UV rays, pollution and moisture), we worked with hair scientists and dermatologists to create an antidote. We believed we could strengthen hair’s anchor to the scalp by relieving scalp oxidative stress.

Our HairAnchor blend was the result. It started with a combination of 3 ingredients. Antioxidants salts known as piroctone olamine were chosen to relieve oxidative stress. Mineral zinc was included to help improve scalp health. B-vitamins (vitamins B3 and B5) were added as they are known for skin barrier health.

The full blend used in a daily leave-on treatment and in a shampoo, one set for men and another set for women, was shown in a 6-month clinical study to help prevent daily hair loss by reducing scalp oxidative stress. Not only did those who used the HairAnchor blend keep more hair, they also had scalp skin barrier improvements.